What Is Home? Didem in New York


Name: My name is Didem Civginoglu.

Where are you from?  I'm a nomad born in Izmir. I moved to Istanbul when I was 18 years old… I'm a fish from the Aegean sea in the ocean right now. 
Occupation: Photographer, storyteller, if only it can be an occupation, then "curious kid" … before I moved to New York I was a storyteller as a consumer researcher. I was asking many questions, and now I'm asking my questions with my camera…

Where do you live now? I live in New York… a seeing eye exploring the city and looking for miracles.

What are you wearing? The pants are from a local shop in Cesme, paradise of my childhood…they are so comfortable that I have 2 more in different colors.

While I was with Didem, she made me Turkish coffee and told me that in Turkey they tell your fortune afterwards (from the coffee beans). Here's the story from her:

I am not an expert on background rituals but I can say that turkish coffee and fortune telling is one of my favorite things. When I was a kid it was more like an adult thing, that my mom and other ladies did when they got together. I had no interest in it except for its amazing smell. I always loved the smell of it… even forced myself to drink it a couple of times because it was hard to understand the fact that a thing with such a strong and beautiful smell had such an intense taste. I was more into Kinder surprise eggs where you have no idea what was going to pop out from the pack. It was suprising, exciting, fun and even sometimes frustrating if you didn't get what you wanted. Furthermore you build your own thing and if you have a series of them you can come up with your own story… It took me a while to understand that they are similar and now it is one of my favorite ones…. You have the turkish coffee with a friend most of the time, and those conversations are the best ones.. sincere, genuine, confident, fun and sometimes with some tears... you turn the cup upside down and let it cool, then it is time for story telling…you look at the shapes in the cup that the ground coffee beans leave and try to come up with stories about the other… a lot of hope, surprise, fun, creativity… you just want the magic to happen, hear the unexpected, guess the unpredictable… it is a game people play…you know that it is not for real but you want to believe… that is the essence of it, you want to believe in magic… "As long as there's one person to believe it, there's no story that can't be true.” ― Paul Auster, Auggie Wren's Christmas Story 

The picture she saw in my fortune was of "Don Quixote." 

Didem's photography can be found here.


Nathalia, This Beauty



Nathalia On White



Nathalia, Long Exposure with iPhone


Nathalia in the studio IV

Head scarf textile and design by Amber Morgan in New York.


Nathalia in the studio III


Nathalia in the studio II 


Nathalia in the studio


My dear friend, Chris


The Cave Studio Portraits

 Eric, Brenna, AJ and myself got to hang out in AJ's studio one late night in Seattle.  Here are some photos I snapped of the three of them, all of which happen to be some of the most genuine and talented souls I know.

And a behind the scenes shot, before we decided to tape the blanket to the wall:


Let's Get Lost

Pictured: Adrian, Kara, Elaine, Taylor, Eric & Clem


Exploring with Everlane 

Eric and I both got to partner up with Everlane and take a bunch of photos for them.  Here are some of the photos I snapped.  I'm a huge fan of Everlane and have a ton of their clothing, so taking some photos of their clothes with this guy was a huge treat.  

Everlane clothing:
Light Grey Sweater
Men's Crew White Tee
Weekender Bag 

Shot outside of Vancouver, British Columbia and also outside of Seattle, Washington.  


the fog speaks


Eric in Canadian wilderness

A CDN cigar smoke break (to stay warm) while Eric and I explored Mount Cypress up in Canada, my home and native land.  


The Making of a Spoon Ring.

Meet Eric, a spoon ring maker and songwriter from Seattle.  I got to hang out in his workshop taking photos while he made rings out of antique spoons.  Find more of his rings at The Spoon Ring.